£1.4 mil Saxon hoard planted in weekend wonderers publicity scandal.

Mr Paul Colemen, an unemployed father of two from Southampton has recently bagged a fortune in a controversial find, a Saxon coin hoard with over 5000 king Cnut silver pennies, valued at over 800 each. Found at a metal detecting rally in Buckinghamshire organised by detecting club The weekend wonderers, the hoard is said to be one of the largest of its kind ever found in England and will certainly make Mr Coleman a very rich man. We sent our rambunctious Scottish reporter Paul McCoil to take a statement from detectorists present at the time. Derek Critoff, a dear friend of Mr Colemen had this to say:

“We’re all so pleased for Paul, he really needed the money. That’s the only reason he metal detects, to get rich quick. He deserved the hoard more than others there because they’re all loaded. They don’t call it a rich mans hobby for nothing. Paul barely even made it to the rally because he didn’t have enough money for petrol. It went to the right man as far as me and many others in the hobby are concerned. “We also believe that Paul should still be entitled to claim his Job Seekers Allowance, Income Support, Child Benefit, Tax Credits, Housing Benefit and the odd stint on Employment Support Allowance for his bad back. It’s not as if metal detecting is a job, so he should be still entitled to it, good on him.”

A few hours after the hoard surfaced allegations of foul play soon cropped up and unreliable sources said it was nothing more than a publicity stunt staged by the Wonderers to gain media attention, and probably to make a few quid in the process. Well known detectorist Gerry ‘coin hunter’ Smith told DD reporter Paul Mcoil he had examined pictures posted on Facebook the day the hoard was found, and he believed that the whole thing was a complete farce.

“It’s all a load of Bullshit, that hoard was planted, I have no doubt in my mind about that. You can clearly see it in the pictures for God’s sake. It’s got nothing on my roman hoards, nothing. It’s just another example of a big club with a big cheque book and a big ego to match. I firmly believe that Peter and Sarah Welch have been purchasing King Cnut Saxon pennies with club treasury money from ebay, private auctions, boot sales, Gum tree and secret deals with nighthawking gangs over a 15 year period. No wonder they’re insistent on members emptying their rubbish into the bucket at the end of a session. The lead used to wrap the fake hoard was nothing more then melted down lumps of junk bucket lead scraps, also built up over the 15 year period, I cannot believe the cheek of it. ”

The scrupulous scrutinizers down at the DD have been over all the photographic evidence and witness reports with a fine tooth comb and can agree the accusations are highly probable, with good reason to believe so. Peter and Sarah Welch both have a history of planting finds at digs. The club treasury could certainly support such a stunt and if multiple people on Facebook say it happened, then it probably did.

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15 thoughts on “£1.4 mil Saxon hoard planted in weekend wonderers publicity scandal.”

  1. Planted ? Who the hell buys Canut coins at 800 quid apiece to replant em for somebody else to find ?? Get a grip you morons


  2. Totally agree ian . Plus surely to plant something of that size would be noticeable lol pure jealousy im happy for the guy ….i just want one hahah


  3. What a load of old cobblers. Never seen a gold saxon coin and I have been detecting for 30 years


  4. Nice one Dave, the only sane comment of this post. Detectorists must generally be a gullible bunch. :-)


  5. For the ones who didn’t realise, this is a spoof website!! Having said that, not sure I’d be happy with having my name bandied around on it.


  6. What a load of complete and utter bullshit. I have known Paul Coleman and Peter and Sarah Welch now for many many years and they are Honest and upright citizens of our society. How and why people send in rubbish like this is beyond me. I have personally seen all the Saxon coins being cleaned at the BM and it was a sight to behold. Maybe Paul, Peter and Sarah planted the coins back in the 11th Century and came back to life in the 21st Century to retrieve them to benefit from the escalation in price. Anyone who believes the crap you have written about the find, then they will believe in absolutely anything. What a bunch of low life idiots there are out there. Who the hell is The Daily Detectorist anyway? Get a life or crawl back into your little miserable hole you came from and STOP writing all this lying drivel.


  7. Being on that dig, and detecting in the next field, I can tell you that this is completed rubbish, this is thick Barford again.
    I’m pretty sure any detectorist can tell if that ground had been disturbed before he digs, and this ground had not been disturbed.


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