American sitcom star “Matthew Perry” struggles to make friends in metal detecting community.

Comedy actor Matthew Perry who played Chandler Bing on popular American Sitcom “Friends” has recently sent out a string of social media statements expressing his anger at the worldwide metal detecting community.The Canadian born Actor said he has always shared a deep passion for history and technology
“Metal detecting just seemed like the hobby for me,and with friends series on hold I’ve had lots of free time on my hands and decided to take up metal detecting. I tried joining several local clubs and Facebook groups but couldn’t fathom why i was being cold shouldered at every turn, I had heard the detecting community can be a little cliquey, but the responses I received were nothing short of an acute paranoid schizophrenic episode, everyone kept repeating the same things to me, “we know you’re Matthew Perry” and “you’re not welcome in this hobby.”

Unbeknownst to the 45 year old actor, he shared the same name as infamous online con-artist and “general wrongun” 32 year old Matthew Perry from Gloucestershire in England. We went to speak to some head figures within the Metal detecting world to find out why Mr Perry had been treated with such contempt, and why he was being mistaken for an Englishman despite being “A hell of a lot more famous”.

Mr Paul Barford from Heritage England went on to explain how Mr Perry is well known for his dishonest conduct online, “He once tried to scam me out of one of the many gold coins from my vast personal collection”, Mr Barford explained angrily ,several attempts to obtain valuable coins from other innocent finders had also been reported by vigilant Facebook users.

Other sources told us perry once claimed he had metal detecting equipment stolen from his property in Somerset,and proceeded to play on the sympathetic hearts strings of the metal detecting community and pleaded with fellow detectorists on popular Facebook group “Metal detecting newcomers welcome” to have a Whip-round to get Mr Perry a brand new machine and back out swinging on his favourite rape seeded ploughed field. There was speculation to the authenticity of Perry’s claim with many believing it to be nothing more then a desperate bid to better his personal finances.

Perry first made an appearance on the scene after finding a hoard of 425 roman coins in 2012 with his father Peter Perry in a field in somerset. Some had reason to believe it had been obtained through crooked means saying they had heard people on other  Facebook groups saying “he seems a bit dodgy” and “it looks slightly past dusk in that photo”, as was good enough evidence to speculate the hoard had in-fact been obtained illegally under the cover of darkness.

No prosecution has been made so far, although Matthew Perry has certainly caused a stir in the online metal Detecting scene, smoke and fire springs to the minds of many, along with other various types of Medieval execution and Tudor torture methods being suggested.

The dual nationality actor contacted The Daily Detectorist to find out what the hell was going on, and to tether this association with the already established British Metal Detecting villain. Unfortunately for Mr Perry it seemed the only way forward for him would be to change his name by depoll to Bing Chandler, but when our team suggested this he started catapulting insults our way and stormed off shouting something about taking up fishing.

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