Metal detecting Facebook Group owner shuts down group following Sikh backlash.

When Martin Lees set up the Southern Seekers Facebook group some years ago, no one had any idea what conflict raged within him. Our foreign correspondent Jeroffé Möyland, was originally intending to interview Mr Lees about the success of the group, but instead was on the receiving end of a chilling confession that is poised to shake the metal detecting world.

It has come to light that the group ‘Southern Seekers’ was never meant to exist, at least not in the form that many of the original members would feel familiar with today. Originally, Mr Lees claims that due to the high proportion of Sikh detectorists in Dorset (who maintain a low profile due to the discriminatory antics of several major clubs), the group was originally to be called ‘Southern Sikhers’, a group designed specifically for these Sikh detectorists to join so that they might come together in a place of safety. Such measures, he argued, were necessary after the submission of the weekend wonderers , Dorset Detectors and Midweek Seekers to the demands of Islamic detectorists who insisted on the use of prayer mats when taking part in club digs. According to a statement from Mr Trezpas Singh, Mr Lees made a number of secret promises to the Sikh detecting community in Dorset, including free Garret pro-pointers for all and a promotional discount of 7.5% on all Detectorbits products. Mr Trezpas Singh states that these promises were received with some trepidation, and many finally came to the belief that the repressed Sikh detecting community might just be able to step into the light without fear of attack from any of a number of detecting clubs. However, it was not to be. In his shocking revelation to us, Mr Lees explains what happened next.

‘Everything was planned. The discounts were sorted out, the celebratory curry was brewing, the beer was chilling in the fridge, and I had just finished applying some anti-fungal foot cream in anticipation of watching “Gone With the Wind”. My wife Joan was setting up the group on Facebook,  I heard her call me, saying it was ready. When I saw the group name on the laptop I recoiled in horror, she’d named the group ‘Southern Seekers’ in a fit of bad spelling. Of course I was utterly horrified, but what could I do? The group was made. Its destiny had been wrenched firmly from my grasp and from the grasp of the Sikh community.’

However, this was not the end of the story. Today, we received information that the Southern Seekers group was closing down. As of yet, we are unsure of the exact circumstances that surround this controversial decision. Some have speculated that the group was infiltrated by undercover Sikh detectorists posing as various reputable members of the detecting community through the medium of cloned Facebook accounts, although these claims are thus far unsubstantiated. We promise to bring you more on this story as soon as possible.

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