‘Midweek seekers metal detecting club in libel case for searching at weekends.

It has been brought to the attention of the daily detectorist and other global news sources that British metal detecting club The Midweek Seekers are currently in a high profile court battle with an inconvenienced Part time antiques dealer from Coventry over allegations of choosing a misleading club name.

The Antiques Dealer and Car boot sale merchant, Mr Marlon Tennant, reportedly sold his entire collection of crockery, vintage Bric-a-brac, ojeda, curiosities and other wares as wholesale on Ebay to fund his quest to bring the midweek seekers to justice. We sent awkward affairs officer Paul McCoil to take a statement from Mr Tennant

‘I’ve been thinking about buying a detector for quite some time now and have been looking at options for the perfect club to join before buying one, i always liked the sound of the Weekend wonderers, they seemed salt of the earth folk like myself, and i was intent on almost deciding to nearly take the step towards owning a detector and joining the weekend wonderers club, until one morning I had a very spontaneous idea to become a part time antiques dealer and trade at car boot sales. The realization hit me like a shovel to the face that with trading commitments I would not longer be able to metal detect at the weekend. I proceeded to air my concerns on the detecting groups on Facebook and was pointed towards what seemed like a miracle at the time, a club branding itself as the Midweek seekers, clearly an establishment that only runs digs during the week. To my utter disgust the next advertised dig was a two day event on a Saturday and Sunday, I decided to march down to the citizens advice bureau the following morning and was advised to seek legal aid. A court hearing took place at the Supreme Courts of Justice around two weeks later, and was packed in attendance. Justice Dredd led the session, and proceeded to grill Mr Mel Barker as to the misleading cognomen of his group. I am pleased to say that no sufficient defense could be raised, and that I received the sum of £10,000 in damages for stress and confusion caused by the incorrect and misleading naming of the club. I still haven’t brought a metal detector yet but i plan to get one after Christmas.

DD reporters could get no comment from Mel Barker, who according to witnesses fled the scene while being accosted by a number of dissatisfied club members outside the courtroom,all previously under the impression that the midweek seekers was a metal detecting club catered for people unable to attend digs at weekends.

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