Metal detecting banned in Dorset after discovery of rare ‘Jurassic worm’.

It comes with great sorrow to the disconcerted news team at the Daily Detectorist to announce that Metal Detecting has been completely banned by all county councils and farmer’s unions in Dorset after an intense campaigning effort by the self described ‘hippie vegan social-justice-warrior wormkin’ movement ‘Justice For Worms’.

The ban, which has sparked controversy and anger among many metal detecting enthusiasts, comes after a fisherman off the Dorset coast caught a rare previously unseen species of worm in his nets over 30cm long early last week. Subsequent investigations by DEFRA, the Natural History Museum and the Environment Agency concluded that the species was previously unknown to science, and revealed that it has taken a liking to cultivated land on farm fields as well as sites of ancient human habitation in Dorset, having destroyed part of the earthworks of Maiden Castle after a particularly rampant breeding season in December. Although the worms’ damage to physical buildings has been relatively low, some predict that their activities could lead to towns like Weymouth slowly subsiding into the sea within the next decade. Several days after its identification as a new species previously unknown to science, the Jurassic Worm was designated as a protected species by all major wildlife organisations such as the RSPB and RSPCA. The new species has been named Squirmium Giganticum Jurassicum in honour of Professor B Squirmy of the worm studies department based at Exeter college Oxford, and has been designated as belonging to the genus Phoronida.

John Wriggles, leader of Justice for Worms, had this to say on the issue.

‘We had long suspected that species such as this Jurassic Worm had existed, but had no solid proof until now. This catch by a local fisherman has catapulted our dodgily funded organisation specialising in the blackballing and discrediting of all opposition using Cambodian hookers, BDSM toys and crude framing tactics to the forefront of all the UK social justice groups. We believe (and also by default believe that the worms would support us in this if they could talk) that the lot of the Jurassic Worm in Dorset is a poor one. Detectorists trotting all over the landscape digging holes, destroying vital worm habitat and wiping out whole colonies every metal detecting rally. If this goes unchecked then the consequences could be dire for the species ! Worms have rights too and if Dorset metal detectorists are so pissed off with the rightful decision that has been made then maybe they should just take their business to Hampshire or Sussex instead.’

Mr Wriggles’ remarks have caused a great deal of controversy, and indeed a number of pro-detectorist landowners who disagree with his remarks have already begun leading protests against the ban, we sent Paul McCoil to interview Mr Andrew Malcolms of the Dorset and West Artefact Finders for his perspective. When we initially turned up at his home address, we found it deserted and boarded up, but after some general inquiries found Mr Malcolms five miles away leading a crowd of glum and trudging detectorists eastwards towards the Hampshire border on what has become known as ‘the great detecting trail of tears’, some with spotted handkerchiefs knotted onto their T2s and Deuses carrying vital food supplies or spare batteries.

‘So Andrew, what’s going on here?’ ‘Well Paul I am leading my people to the promised land, There’s nothing here left for us any more, not since eight people were seriously assaulted by wildlife campaigners in the last week and everyone left in Dorset is just detecting at night to worm their way around the ban. No, Hampshire is the new place for us, and nothing will stop us in our quest for honest and fair detecting. Mind you, we will have to re-name the club the Hampshire and East Artefact Finders , but at least we will still all be together.’ Mr Malcolms broke off the interview with tears in his eyes, and we left him sobbing by the wayside, comforted by his detecting partners as hundreds of dejected Dorset detectorists shuffled past on the road eastwards, shadowed by armed members of farmer’s unions and heckled all the way by masked Justice For Worms protestors who flung rotting vegetables and brickbats. In recent hours we have heard that attempted incursions by Dorset detectorists fleeing their homeland along the borders of the county have been repulsed by violent assaults from hooded bands of Hampshire detectorists, although these reports are completely unconfirmed.

Detektorbitz release ‘Jane Allen’ metal detector just in time for Christmas sales.

Tony Chunt, the owner of ‘detektorbits’  has released a machine  just in time for christmas, solely for use by women and homosexuals, DD’s Jeroffé Möyland reports.

The detector is unique in that it has been painted a bright pink colour, with a leopard-print control box cover and glitter-covered shaft included as optional attire. In addition to these aesthetic features, the machine also boasts a hidden compartment within which female detectorists can store their make-up and nail grooming kit. The machine, called the ‘Jane Allen Special MK I’, has been specially designed as to be extra light for the delicate feminine hands that will be using them. In addition, the display of the detector has been simplified, so as to prevent female detectorists from arguing with the old man about how good a signal is. The control box is automatically set to the correct settings in order to save time and prevent pointless bickering, and the LCD screen simply displays the words ‘DIG’ or ‘DON’T DIG’, a development Mr Chunt assures us will revolutionise the world of female metal detecting. A basic alarm system is also present, which can be set by spouses to alert the female user when it is time for dinner, washing, ironing, or simply a nice blowjob.

We sent overly controversial reporter Paul McCoil to interview Mr.Chunt

‘So tone, when conjuring up your latest marketing ploy, did you take into account the fact that the name ‘Jane Allen’ sounds awfully close to the long established detecting brand ‘Joan Allen?’

‘ Of course I took it into account, it’s the root of the whole operation. People will trust the Jane Allen associating it with the absolutely squeeky clean  reputation of Joan Allen , Furthermore, there’s not a damned thing anyone can do about it seeing as I’ve registered the new company in some awfully deprived hovel with low paid workers to exploit somewhere in the arsehole of China. I also got fed up with seeing all these uppity female detectorists out there, so I decided to corner the market and bring out a machine specifically designed for them that is so simple even a cat could use it. I personally think there are too many women in this hobby, but if you can’t get rid of them you might as well profit from them.’

Mr Chunt cut short his interview with us after Pussy Riot, the infamous Russian feminist band notorious for their hard stance, burst into the room and accused Mr Chunt of rampant sexism as well as using cheap labour to produce his machines. Mr Chunt, encumbered somewhat by his Christmas Elf outfit that he has taken to wearing in order to brighten up his demeanour, fled the scene into a waiting car, shouting a few words in Cantonese as he sped off.

Despite all the controversies surrounding the new machine, the Jane Allen seems set to take the female and gay detecting world by storm. However, only after its release will the full story be known. DD intends to review the machine in the New Year and report on its findings post haste. The retail price of £999.99 includes a set of nail grooming tools and avon vouchers, also courtesy of Mr Chunt’s own manufacturers.


Metal detecting Facebook Group owner shuts down group following Sikh backlash.

When Martin Lees set up the Southern Seekers Facebook group some years ago, no one had any idea what conflict raged within him. Our foreign correspondent Jeroffé Möyland, was originally intending to interview Mr Lees about the success of the group, but instead was on the receiving end of a chilling confession that is poised to shake the metal detecting world.

It has come to light that the group ‘Southern Seekers’ was never meant to exist, at least not in the form that many of the original members would feel familiar with today. Originally, Mr Lees claims that due to the high proportion of Sikh detectorists in Dorset (who maintain a low profile due to the discriminatory antics of several major clubs), the group was originally to be called ‘Southern Sikhers’, a group designed specifically for these Sikh detectorists to join so that they might come together in a place of safety. Such measures, he argued, were necessary after the submission of the weekend wonderers , Dorset Detectors and Midweek Seekers to the demands of Islamic detectorists who insisted on the use of prayer mats when taking part in club digs. According to a statement from Mr Trezpas Singh, Mr Lees made a number of secret promises to the Sikh detecting community in Dorset, including free Garret pro-pointers for all and a promotional discount of 7.5% on all Detectorbits products. Mr Trezpas Singh states that these promises were received with some trepidation, and many finally came to the belief that the repressed Sikh detecting community might just be able to step into the light without fear of attack from any of a number of detecting clubs. However, it was not to be. In his shocking revelation to us, Mr Lees explains what happened next.

‘Everything was planned. The discounts were sorted out, the celebratory curry was brewing, the beer was chilling in the fridge, and I had just finished applying some anti-fungal foot cream in anticipation of watching “Gone With the Wind”. My wife Joan was setting up the group on Facebook,  I heard her call me, saying it was ready. When I saw the group name on the laptop I recoiled in horror, she’d named the group ‘Southern Seekers’ in a fit of bad spelling. Of course I was utterly horrified, but what could I do? The group was made. Its destiny had been wrenched firmly from my grasp and from the grasp of the Sikh community.’

However, this was not the end of the story. Today, we received information that the Southern Seekers group was closing down. As of yet, we are unsure of the exact circumstances that surround this controversial decision. Some have speculated that the group was infiltrated by undercover Sikh detectorists posing as various reputable members of the detecting community through the medium of cloned Facebook accounts, although these claims are thus far unsubstantiated. We promise to bring you more on this story as soon as possible.

Dorset Police to tackle ‘Dayhawkers’ as part of national campaign against illegal metal detecting.

Dorset police force are at the forefront of launching a countywide campaign to tackle illegal metal detecting which could deprive the county of important historical artifacts and treasures.

Operation “OOAR”,(Operation of artifact recovery ) sees the police team up with Historic England and other partners to urge land owners to report the practice known as “day hawking”, where people often in large gangs, enter farmland armed with metal detectors, tactical equipment and camouflage clothing, with the blatant intent of plundering Valuable coins and artifacts and quite often without the landowners consent.

The practice can damage farmland, disturb wildlife ,destroy archaeological sites, and scare dog walkers.

All finds removed by them whilst trespassing WILL amount to theft.

Coins and artifacts found by day hawkers are usually kept in private collections or sold to fund class A drug habits.

because the objects are stolen property, day hawkers are unlikely to report their finds, leading to valuable historic data being lost for good.

Counties like Dorset are particularly vulnerable to this crime due to the rich heritage and large amounts of arable land in these areas. Plans have also been made to set up similar day hawking divisions in every county by 2016.

Assistant Chief Constable,Dolly Sampson of  Dorset Police lead on Territorial Policing, said:

“So-called dayhawkers might think they’re no different to people who go metal-detecting for a hobby, but the fact they choose to wear camouflage makes them far easier to distinguish.Their actions damage the countryside, threaten our heritage and lead to the loss of important and invaluable national artifacts simply to satisfy the greed of a small group of criminals.”

PC Aidy Lang, Wildlife, Heritage and Environmental Crime officer, said: “Most people who metal detect as a hobby don’t abide to the law and codes of practice and have a love of the financial value of finds, disrespecting farmland and other surroundings.

“dayhawkers”  seriously damage an already bad reputation.

“We are asking land owners and people in rural areas to gather evidence by taking registration numbers of vehicles and descriptions of those involved, and pass these details to the police immediately by calling 101.

“We would urge people not to approach Dayhawkers as you may be placing yourself in danger if they become aggressive.”

Mac Harriton, National Policing and Crime advisor for Historic England, said: “The practice of Dayhawking is an issue that we take very seriously.

“We recognise that the majority of the metal detecting community don’t comply with the laws and regulations relating to the discovery and recovery of objects from the land.

“However, just as it is against the law to break into someone’s house and steal their possessions, so it is illegal to damage land and steal valuable historical artifacts.

“We are working hard with the police service at a national and local level to identify the criminal majority who operate outside of the law”.

Landowners are advised that evidence of dayhawking includes:

•  spotting large groups of detectorists ,anything from 12 - 50 of them,

• particularly if any are wearing camouflage clothing,

• lots of vehicles parked next to a field between 6am -noon

• People using any telescopic metal detector,

• ANY detectorist using a small spade
The Daily detectorist urges the general public to please call 999 immediately should they come across any large gangs of metal detectorists in fields wearing camouflage clothing.

Prince Charles moves forward with plans to charge £120 for beach metal detecting permit.

With the new full Tory government in place, David Cameron has given the nod for the delighted Prince Charles to move forward with his long desired schemes of charging metal detectorists to search any land in the United Kingdom that he holds a duchy.
For Decades, the heir to the throne of England has relentlessly pushed for the idea of charging detectorists to try and rapaciously scrape more money from his duchies in Cornwall and Wales, and he allegedly believes that £120 a month is a fair price to pay for a hobby that regularly gives financial return. After a special secret meeting at the house of lords attended by all seat holders, David Cameron, and Prince Charles, a decision was passed with immediate effect, that a metal detecting license is now required by law to search all beaches in Cornwall and Wales and detectorists should apply online at www. at once to avoid prosecution. David Cameron was also heard discussing plans to build on and extend Charles’s ideas :

“Why should we stop in Cornwall and Wales Charles, and why couldn’t we be charging detectorists to search inland areas as well ? If we could be cynically profiteering from these plebs around the rest of the country, clawing away desperately in sand and mud for loose change and benefiting from the misfortune of others. All too often I hear harrowing tales of precious items being lost at the beach, be it by newly weds on a honeymoon love romp, or people in mourning that have lost items of sentimental value belonging to passed loved ones, each case results in a happy metal detectorist, and a victim of theft by finding, I say we charge these bastards to the hilt.”

Plans are now afoot to roll out the scheme over the rest of the UK by 2017, with trials in Dorset and Somerset starting early next year. Prince Charles has made it publicly known that he also wishes to make it an offence against the crown to detect on his duchy’s without a permit, as well as claiming personal ownership of any incoming valuables he chooses found anywhere he currently holds a duchy, and wants to personally oversee them all and choose at his own leisure.

Prince Charles is also under attack from the NCMD (National council of metal detecting) which has stepped in with a petition signed by amateur and professional detectorists from around the globe, including all major distributors, manufacturers, magazines and media sources including the Daily Detectorist, and every major Facebook group excluding “Dig this!” which pulled out of the petition , and also made it a ”group kick-able offence” to sign the petition, following a dispute with the NCMD over them not being interested in being an affiliate sponsor of the group. A desperate bid was also made via ritual ceremonies performed by the Druidic Council of Cornwall because the lands on which Prince Charles holds his duchy’s are heavily Celtic in history and they expressed the opinion that ‘Prince Charles has no business claiming ownership rights of Celtic grave goods,ritual items and votive offerings of any nature because he is a Christian and his ancestors were of Pagan Anglo Saxon descent anyway’.

Chicago Ron organizes metal detecting rally in ancient Syrian city of Palmyra.

Rogue metal detecting rally organizer Chicago Ron, known for organizing metal detecting trips for overly enthusiastic American treasure hunters willing to pay big bucks to plunder world heritage sites, has now given confirmation for an exclusive dig at the ancient city of Palmyra in Syria.

Chicago Ron’s activities have recently come under fire after upsetting indignant Brits all over the United Kingdom by stealing long standing permissions from locals and dragging sacks of English antiquities back to America. He has yet again come under scrutiny via social media sites with many claiming the Palmyra rally due to take place is another ‘dodgy permission’. Others claim that Chicago Ron made a deal with Isis militants before their invasion of the city on the condition that all finds pre-dating Islam are removed, never mentioned and certainly not handed in to any finds liaison officers to go through a process of recording.

The land, which Ron claims is completely virgin undetected ground, has several dozen acres of goat grazing pasture and 8000 acres of rough opium poppy stubble packed with goodies. The area is steeped in ancient history and Ron guarantees attendants won’t go home empty handed.

Isis militants have not held back in taking full credit for arranging the dig and taking a percentage cut of all finds. They have also posted a new video of themselves destroying Syrian artifacts in a bid to encourage detectorists to get over to the dig as it will be the last chance to detect there before all Syrian heritage is destroyed.

Ron denies the dig is dangerous, but  refuses to take any responsibility for any injuries incurred and advises all attending the dig to take care of their own insurance. For further information regarding dig details Americans should contact Ron directly, while UK residents wishing to attend should contact Anjem Choudary, who is taking care of Isis dig administration in Europe.

Nigel Farage declares UKIP’s ‘British only’ metal detecting policy.

Leader of the UKIP party Nigel Farage, has declared if elected he would push forward his plans to offer NCMD cards and the right to detect on British soil only to detectorists who can prove that they or their relatives have lived in the UK since 1945. We sent Paul McCoil to take a statement from the UKIP leader.

“If it’s not enough that these immigrants are coming over here demanding your jobs, houses and benefits, and also the right to call themselves British, now they want to rob us of our heritage and sell it for financial gain. I metal detect myself and have had enough of foreigners sniffing around my personal permissions, and bringing unwanted multiculturalism to the hobby. If UKIP are elected I vow to personally put an end to this madness and take control of the NCMD and only issue membership to people whose roots in this country go back to World war 2. But if you want to see priceless national artifacts and collectible coinage of Britannia in the hands of foreigners and immigrants instead of our national museums: vote Labour.”
Mr. Farage has been out in the field listening to pleas from members of the metal detecting community to see what issues they are facing with foreigners. History fanatic and keen treasure hunter Izzy Diggins wants to see restrictions on Polish and other eastern European detectorists living in England claiming: “They’re sending British artifacts back to their families at home to be sold on the Russian black market to fund the high living standards and lavish lifestyle eastern Europeans have become accustomed to because of money pouring in from the UK.”

Elsewhere, Anne Tickwitty has been in London getting the scoop on what policies the other political parties are offering detectorists, she reports;

The Tories are already pushing forward plans, backed by Prince Charles, to bring out a detecting permit costing a hefty £120 a month, which anyone wishing to detect on beaches or coastal land will be required by law to purchase, potentially making it no longer financially viable for the working class to pursue their hobby, and making more finds available to the middle and upper classes.

Ed Milliband has mentioned The Labour parties’ plans to have all public digs attended by a marshall to ensure that all finds are handed in at the end and shared equally amongst everyone attending.

The green party however want to see tighter regulations on rubbish and junk finds, which are allegedly being thrown into hedgerows destroying bird habitats, as well as poisoning the earth and other wildlife with lead and lithium from batteries often discarded by detectorists. They are getting growing support for pledging an outright ban on so-called green waste and making it illegal for recycling companies to offer financial incentives to farmers to take it off their hands.

Leader of The Respect party, born again Muslim George Galloway, has stated that while he fully supports Mr. Kamel and his brothers in b.o.m.b. and other Islamic detectorists up and down the country, he believes that all non-muslim finds should be given in aid to the Palestinians who have had their own heritage robbed off them, rather than be destroyed.

It seems that metal detectorists finally have a voice in this election. Never before have metal detectorists been so included in election manifestos, and which way they will vote is yet to be seen. Will the political parties keep true to their word, or will they just toss out the issues into the nearest hedge?