Prince Charles moves forward with plans to charge £120 for beach metal detecting permit.

With the new full Tory government in place, David Cameron has given the nod for the delighted Prince Charles to move forward with his long desired schemes of charging metal detectorists to search any land in the United Kingdom that he holds a duchy.
For Decades, the heir to the throne of England has relentlessly pushed for the idea of charging detectorists to try and rapaciously scrape more money from his duchies in Cornwall and Wales, and he allegedly believes that £120 a month is a fair price to pay for a hobby that regularly gives financial return. After a special secret meeting at the house of lords attended by all seat holders, David Cameron, and Prince Charles, a decision was passed with immediate effect, that a metal detecting license is now required by law to search all beaches in Cornwall and Wales and detectorists should apply online at www. at once to avoid prosecution. David Cameron was also heard discussing plans to build on and extend Charles’s ideas :

“Why should we stop in Cornwall and Wales Charles, and why couldn’t we be charging detectorists to search inland areas as well ? If we could be cynically profiteering from these plebs around the rest of the country, clawing away desperately in sand and mud for loose change and benefiting from the misfortune of others. All too often I hear harrowing tales of precious items being lost at the beach, be it by newly weds on a honeymoon love romp, or people in mourning that have lost items of sentimental value belonging to passed loved ones, each case results in a happy metal detectorist, and a victim of theft by finding, I say we charge these bastards to the hilt.”

Plans are now afoot to roll out the scheme over the rest of the UK by 2017, with trials in Dorset and Somerset starting early next year. Prince Charles has made it publicly known that he also wishes to make it an offence against the crown to detect on his duchy’s without a permit, as well as claiming personal ownership of any incoming valuables he chooses found anywhere he currently holds a duchy, and wants to personally oversee them all and choose at his own leisure.

Prince Charles is also under attack from the NCMD (National council of metal detecting) which has stepped in with a petition signed by amateur and professional detectorists from around the globe, including all major distributors, manufacturers, magazines and media sources including the Daily Detectorist, and every major Facebook group excluding “Dig this!” which pulled out of the petition , and also made it a ”group kick-able offence” to sign the petition, following a dispute with the NCMD over them not being interested in being an affiliate sponsor of the group. A desperate bid was also made via ritual ceremonies performed by the Druidic Council of Cornwall because the lands on which Prince Charles holds his duchy’s are heavily Celtic in history and they expressed the opinion that ‘Prince Charles has no business claiming ownership rights of Celtic grave goods,ritual items and votive offerings of any nature because he is a Christian and his ancestors were of Pagan Anglo Saxon descent anyway’.

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10 thoughts on “Prince Charles moves forward with plans to charge £120 for beach metal detecting permit.”

  1. Jesus Christ he is not happy sitting around living off hard working peoples taxes he wants his chunk of coastal finds. The man is an idiot

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  2. I think Charles needs to concentrate on more important things like his family and grandchildren yes leave us true dedicated metal detectorists alone get rid of night hawkers and produce laws which can actually deal with them properly to protect our English heritage

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  3. This is disgusting! Calling all detectorists “profiteering plebs benefitting from the misfortune of others”!
    I detect AS A HOBBY; to enjoy nature and to see what interesting things I can unearth. Never for profit, what a joke! The majority of items we find are so old that no one is distressed by their loss and in fact are of HISTORICAL IMPORTANCE and are added to the Portable Antiquities Scheme and therefore recorded for archaelogical and historical importance!
    It is hard enough following the rules and desperatly trying to secure land off willing farmers to detect on, to lose the beaches makes this hobby too expensive for any beginners or occassional weekend detectorists who would have to pay £120 a MONTH?!

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  4. I read in the newspaper that people on benefits will be exempt from paying this “tax” / fee!!

    Mp’s will also be exempt!


  5. If a dog digs in the sand and finds a coin will he have to pay…?
    Anywho here is the REAL story, still wrong and rude but not QUITE as shocking as first made out…😉


  6. A lot of metal detectorists do it for exercise and the pleasure of finding lost history most of the time It’s not about the monetary value of the goods we find it’s the thrill of not knowing what is in the ground prince Charles has no concept about this he can just sit back and make his future subjects suffer as a pensioner I can not afford this as a lot more people can’t as well what a king he is going to make hatred before he starts


  7. Perhaps those who’ve written the above comments should look at the disclaimer above which states ‘we also feature satire comedy and not all of which is fully factional ‘. There are a lot of gullible people on here lol


  8. I like detecting for history. I do it as my hobby. I make no financial gain from my finds. This permit would be extracting the urine out of us. We pay taxes and keep Charles in the comfort the has got.


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